Introducing the Windows 365 Cloud PC

Microsoft has rolled out Windows 365, which provides the Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems as a cloud service. Discover how these “Cloud PCs” are enabling employees to work wherever they want using just about any device.

Phishing Deep Dive: Classic Phishing

Classic phishing is the most common type of phishing. Discover what it is and how to protect your company from this type of attack.

The Latest Data Breach & Why It Keeps Happening

The growing value of information is increasing the incentive of hackers to obtain data from both individuals and organizations. These incidents include ransomware attacks in which the perpetrator encrypts the victim’s data or threatens to publish that data unless the victim pays a ransom. Another tactic is to simply sell the information, either to a specific party or the highest …

Windows 11: The next Generation

Windows 11 is the next major version of Windows NT and will be the successor to Windows 10, which was initially released in 2015. Microsoft formally announced its release in June 2021, although rumors regarding Windows 11 had been building for months before that. Microsoft expects to release Windows 11 in late 2021 as a free upgrade through Windows Update …

The New Wave of Digital Card Skimming

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased online shopping, making these payment systems a more lucrative target for cyber criminals. Digital skimming attacks are now the greatest threat to online payment systems, largely due to their ability to quickly gather payment details for many customers. This type of attack involves injecting code into a merchant’s site, allowing a malicious actor to …

New Bills on Capitol Hill After the Colonial Pipeline Attack

The recent ransomware attack against the Colonial Pipeline illustrates the need for a plan to protect the economy in the event of a major cyberattack, according to members of the House’s Homeland Security Committee (HSC). The Colonial Pipeline shut down operations last week as a result of the attack, leaving 45 percent of the U.S. East Coast without its normal …

A History of Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malware in which the perpetrator threatens to commit a malicious act unless the victim pays a ransom. The simplest type of ransomware appears to lock the target system, although a person with reasonable knowledge of computers can usually resolve the problem without paying the ransom.